Did you know you can claim a deduction on almost every car expense as a UBER driver, however, you must keep a log book to claim any car expense.

A logbook is provided by the ATO which is all UBER drivers are required to maintain it for a period of 12 consecutive weeks or 3 months.  Once a taxpayer has maintained  a log book, he/she can use it for up to 5 years.

If you use the logbook method, you:

  • can claim the business-use percentage of each car expense, based on the logbook records of your car’s usage
  • must keep a logbook so you can work out the percentage
  • must have written evidence of your fuel and oil costs, or odometer readings on which your estimates are based
  • must have written evidence for all your other expenses.

To download log book in pdf format click here.


For more information, please visit ATO website.