How to lodge UBER GST (Business Activity Statement)

ALITAX uses powerful technology to make your complicated UBER GST and TAX easier for you so that you can lodge your TAX and GST obligation on time. ALITAX is mobile friendly, means you can use ALITAX on all platforms such as Iphone, Andriod, Tablets and other devices.

we provide a complete solution for UBER drivers to lodge their quartely GST and Annual Tax return. By logging at ALITAX, you will have access to all the feature such as free GST calculator, online GST lodgement. You can use ALITAX online portal to claim and pay GST.

Here are some steps to help you lodgement of your GST activity statement

Step 1. To lodge your GST simply login to, you can register by simply providing your username and password


Step 2: Once you are logged in, go to your dashboard to find your overdue GST returns. Find the GST quarter you need to lodge and click lodge now to open lodgement form.




Step 3: Simply provide your income and expenses along with  business percentage of your car usage in order to determine correct expenses. Follow guidelines on each item to ensure you entered correct amount of income and expenses.


Step 4:

Once you have entered all income and expenses ALITAX will automatically estimate the amount of GST Payable or GST refundable if you are eligible. Click Lodge now to verify your details. 


Step 5: Enter your personal information such as your name and contact number.



Step 6:

Choose your preferred method of payment. ALITAX GST lodgement price is $49.


Step 7:

Once you lodge your GST, we may give you a call to verify any information that is further required. This is to ensure that all your income and expenses are submitted correctly to the Australian Tax Office. Once we verify all information we will submit your GST to the ATO and will inform you on how to pay GST to the ATO or to claim a refund from the ATO. You can always use your Dashboard to view any updates that we have sent you.

Step 8: You are done!


Need any help with the lodgement?

At AT, We provide free TAX and GST related advice for UBER and Taxi drivers. To access any of these services you can always contact as at (M) 0422-665268 or email us at


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