Get ready to lodge Oct to Dec 17 BAS quarter

The Due date for Oct to Dec 2017 was 28 Feb 2018. You still need to lodge all the overdue BAS even if the due date has passed to avoid penalties from the ATO. If you haven't lodged yet, use our online platform to lodge your bas in minutes.

Yes, we are a registered tax agent. Our Tax Agent Number 25287564 can be either verified online using or by calling the Australian Tax Office. In Australia, only registered tax agent is allowed to charge the fee for preparing tax returns.

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Yes, our website is fully secure and all your privacy will be kept confidential. We use SSL certificate to ensure your credit card and privacy is protected.

For security purposes, you can only view the BAS lodgement figures and not any of your personal details.

Your credit card details will not be saved in our services.

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There are many ways to lodge your tax returns.
1. MyGOV (You can lodge online using the mygov account, however, many people don’t know what deductions they can claim legitimately in order to get the most refund.
2. Another website. There are so many other websites available in the market, the thing that differentiates us from other is we provide personalized service. We are ready to help you out by phone, email and text message, in order to get your tax, sorted as quick as possible.
3. Visiting an Accountant. This is a good option to visit your accountant nearby, however, most of them are either too busy to give you the excellent service or they are very expensive. We prepare tax returns at the reasonable cost.
4. We provide valuable service at the affordable price. Once you become our client you can write us for any tax advice you need and we will not change in most cases unless there is a complexity.

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For all your questions you can use live chat to contact us or you can email your queries at If you need urgent advice you can call us at 0422665268 to speak to a registered tax agent.


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Once we prepare your tax return we will send it to you to be signed electronically using Adobe Secure Sign. You can always review your tax return and let us know if there are any errors and we will rectify prior to the lodgement.

Your tax return will only be lodged once you review and sign electronically.


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If you are an UBER driver, you need to have three things

  1. Abn Number and register for GST
  2. Lodge quarter GST 
  3. Lodge Annual Tax Return

You can connect your UBER Account with ALITAX  to prefill all your income and lodge your BAS superfast.

For more information goto

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