Tax Return Steps


01 - Submit your details

In order for us to get started please submit your details. It should take less than 5 minutes to complete step 1.


Deduction Finder

We will find deduction based on your selected occupation and will email you the list of expenses you may be eligible to claim


Call from Registered Tax Agent

We will allocate a registered tax agent to prepare the initial tax return and to give you a quick call to go through the tax returns with you. This usually takes 5 – 10 minutes


04 - Review and Sign

Once your tax return is prepared we will email it to you to review and sign. Please make sure to review your bank details to ensure you will receive a refund in a correct account.
This will take 5 minutes of your time


Receive Refund

In most cases, You will receive a refund in less than 10 working days. Since most of the work is done by us the whole process will take less than an hour of your time. Unlike other online tax returns, we make sure you face no hassle when completing the tax returns. 


Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, We are a Tax Practitioner Board Registered Agent. Our Reference No is 25287564

We try to take complexity in our hands to make things simpler for you. When it comes to tax returns there are various options available, such as mygov, online websites, visiting a tax agent. We act in the best interest of all our clients even if we have to go beyond our time. Once you become our client you will get the best taxation support that is ever available. In most case, We will answer your query by email, by phone and in-person through our the year without any charges

Taxpayers have different options when it comes to lodging their tax returns such as mygov, other online platforms, visiting accountants. Why do you choose ALITAX? We have compared our services carefully before writing this content.
a) Comparison with Mygov
Mygov is a government website that provides free lodgements of the tax returns. However, it doesn’t provide any guidance on claiming your deductions as a result many taxpayers end up either entering wrong, unclaimable or low deductions. In many cases, they don’t apply a legitimate deduction that they are entitled to claim. At ALITAX, we make sure to include each and every deduction for applies you to so that you get a maximum refund.
b) other online websites vs ALITAX
There are many websites providing online tax returns, however, they have either a self-managed form that must be completed by taxpayers thus they end up paying up for the service that is actually free by obtaining no benefits. At Alitax, we only ask you to provide your initial details so that we can access your accounts after that we take over your responsibility to complete the tax returns. We do provide phone support where you get an opportunity to directly speak to a tax agent whereas there are many platforms that charges you a very high fee just to speak to a tax agent.
Visiting an accountant vs ALITAX
Visiting an accountant costs a lot of money especially in this circumstance where the budget and resources are limited. We do provide face to face consultation as well, however due to covid19, we will be dealing all our appointment by zoom at no extra cost.

If someone is still stopping you to act us as a tax agent on your behalf feel free to write us up with your queries

We provide tax preparation for all entities such as individuals, sole traders, companies and trusts. Besides tax returns, we do provide bookkeeping, DASP super and Business Advisory services

We prefer our charges to be paid upfront. However, in unusual circumstances, we may take our fee from the refund. Please speak to us beforehand to see if this option is available for you

Once your tax return is lodged, it usually takes less than 10 working days for the refund to receive in your account. We will actively follow up your application with the ATO if in case that does not happen

Claiming deductions is a complex process. Most people don’t know the actual deductions that apply to their occupation and thus claim incorrect deductions. For example, you cannot claim laundry and uniform expenses if your occupation doesn’t include a compulsory uniform. You may be eligible to claim car expenses if you travel between work to work. Upon engagement, we will send you the complete list of deductions that applies to your specific occupation.

There are heaps of ways to contact us. By phone, you can give us a call or leave a text message at 0422665268. Email us at Send your query online.